Data Visualization

“The purpose of visualization is insight, not pictures”
Ben Shneiderman (1999)

“Above all else show the data.”
Edward Tufte (1983)

“Visualizations act as a campfire around which we gather to tell stories.”
Al Shalloway (2011)

“The art and practice of visualizing data is becoming ever more important in bridging the human-computer gap to mediate analytical insight in a meaningful way.”
Edd Dumbill (2012) in What is big data?

Interactive Visualization

“I tell you and you forget. I show you and you remember. I
involve you and you understand.”
Confucius (500 BC)

“A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures.” Ben Shneiderman, 2003


“Fall in love with your customer’s problem, not with your own solution!”
Sasan Goodarzi, CEO Intuit (2020)

“The purpose of a business is to create customers.”
Peter Drucker (2001)

“Doing, not learning to do, is the essence of entrepreneurship.”
Guy Kawasaki (2004)

“Startups exist not just to make stuff, make money, or even serve customers. They exist to learn how to build a sustainable business.”
Eric Ries (2009)

“The true product of an entrepreneur is NOT the solution, but a working business model.
The real job of an entrepreneur is to systematically de-risk that business model over time.”
Ash Maurya (2012)

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