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MindMap Tool

A few weeks ago I came across iThoughtsHD, a nifty little tool for creating mind maps on the iPad. I started using it to jot down various ideas and it has grown on me. Here is a quick example of a visualization of content from a Wikipedia page on 7 Basic Tools of Quality:

Mind Map of 7 Basic Tools of Quality (created with iThoughtsHD on iPad, content from Wikipedia)

Note the highly visual nature of those basic tools of quality – something very closely aligned with Visualign’s philosophy.

This mind map was created in about 20 minutes on the iPad. Simple new mind map, 7 children nodes, each with Hyperlinks to and copied images from the respective Wikipedia page (heavy use of clipboard cut-&-paste there).

It is amazing how quickly one can generate useful material with the right tool (iThoughtsHD), platform (iPad) and information (Wikipedia) with literally just a few taps of your finger on a wireless 1 pound tablet on your lap! And the software only costs in the order of $10!

iThoughtsHD then supports many export features, for example via email in a variety of image and file formats, including PNG and PDF. For a full review of all its features, check it out in the Apple App Store or at the creator’s iThought website.

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